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Everything works, exept the heating elements...

I have à six head old hot air oven and after a session it stopt heating. Everything is ok, only the three heating elements (top, bottom, fan) stopt working. A blown fuse was suggested, but I can't locate it...

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What make and model is your oven?


Jesse are we talking about an oven or a full size range?


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Check your house fuse/breaker panel. You should find a double, high current fuse or breaker that supplies the stove.

It sounds as if one fuse or breaker side has blown. If you have fuses replace both, If you have a breaker toggle it off and then back on and see if that fixed the problem.

If not you will need to get a electrician in to figure out why one leg of the power line has gone dead. It could be in the stove, the outlet or connection box the stove is connected to, or something in your main panel.

In any case going any deeper here could be dangerous to you or your home without the needed tools and skills.

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I once had to replace the small sub panel fuse box the contact in side the box wasn't making good contact and blew the fuse on one side .


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