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Nokia 3300B Troubleshooting

Nokia 3300B Won't Turn On

Dead Battery

  1. Using the charger, plug the Nokia 3300B into a power outlet.
  2. Attempt to turn the phone on. If it turns on, leave the phone plugged in to the power outlet and let it charge.
    • Note: If this is your first, second, or third time charging the phone, let it charge for a full twenty-four hours before using it.
  3. If the phone does not turn on when the charger is plugged in, see the "Nokia 3300B Won't Charge" section.

Power Button Problems

  1. Verify that the power button is not stuck.
    • If stuck, gently ease the button back to its normal position.
  2. Verify that the power button is not visibly damaged, and that it is not loose.

Nokia 3300B Won't Charge

Already Charged

  1. Check the charge of the phone by looking at the Battery indicator (can be found on the right-hand side of the standby menu). If the bar reaches the top of the screen, the phone is fully charged.

Charge Slot Clogged

  1. Check the charger input slot (on the top of the phone) and the charger input itself for dust or debris.
  2. Clean the slot or input by blowing gently on it.

Charger Improperly Plugged In

  1. Unplug the charger, and then plug it in to another socket.

Broken Charger

  1. Check the above cases and verify that none of them fix the phone's charging problem.
  2. If the charger's cable has been significantly bent or twisted over time, consider replacing the charger.
  3. If the charger is in good condition, consider replacing the charger connector.

Worn Out Battery

  1. The Nokia 3300B phone's battery has a lifespan of approximately 400 charges. If your Battery no longer seems to charge, or if it dies out quickly, you may need to purchase a new Battery and replace it. We show you how to change the Battery here.
    • Note: The Nokia 3300B uses a BLD-3 lithium-ion battery.

Nokia 3300B Won't Work with Bluetooth

  1. The Nokia 3300B does not support Blueooth by itself.
  2. A wireless audio adapter (the AD-5B) can be attached to the Nokia 3300B to make it Bluetooth-compatible with the AD-5B's corresponding headset.

Can't Add more Games or Music

Memory Is Full

*Phone complains that there is lack of memory

*Will no longer accept any more files on memory.

You might not have enough memory to download or put any files on your phone. This is due to your SD Card being full. So follow our SD Card guide to put in a SD Card with more memory.

Faulty SD Card

If you know that you have enough memory on your SD Card, but the phone is not accepting new data, then consider changing your SD Card.

Phone Loses Charge Quickly

Not Charged Completely

  1. Plug the AC adapter into the phone, and if the phone does not turn on then refer to the troubleshooting guide about what to do if your phone won't turn on.

Battery is Old

  1. If you feel that your battery is a couple years old and has a significant decrease in charge, this maybe be because it just does not have the same capacity to hold charge as it once did and you might need to replace it. We help you with this here. Refer to the other troubleshooting guides above if you feel this is not an issue.

LCD Screen Not Working Properly

Not Turning On

  • Check your phone's charge (see above).

Cracked Screen

Strangely Colored Pixels or Dark Pixels

Resetting the Device

  1. Turn the phone off.
  2. Remove the battery from the phone by first taking off the back cover.
  3. Wait a few seconds, replace the battery, and then turn the phone back on.

Phone is not making or receiving calls

  1. The phone may not be turned on.
    • Turn the phone on by turning by pressing the power button.
  2. The battery may not be charged.
    • Plug the phone into the charger.
  3. The signal strength of the phone may be poor.
    • If the phone is indoors, move towards a window.
    • You may be in an area with no cell phone towers nearby. Move to a more populated area where there will be a tower.

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