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Een fantastische student van ons educatieprogramma heeft deze wiki gemaakt. Deze wordt niet bijgehouden door het team van iFixit.

Lenovo S20-30 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems you might have with your Lenovo S20-30.

Unresponsive Laptop Screen

The laptop screen does not respond to any input when powered on.

Faulty Battery

Do a hard reboot. Flip over your computer to remove the battery from the back side. Hold the power button down for approximately 60 seconds to drain the laptop. Then put the battery back in. Flip it back over and power the laptop back on.

Low Battery Level

If this does not work check battery level. Plug the supplied charger to charge the laptop for approximately 15-20 minutes. Press and hold the power button for up to 30 seconds with charger plugged in the device. The laptop should go through normal boot-up sequence.

Low Brightness Setting

Sometimes the brightness setting can be turned down. Double-check to make sure the brightness is set to where the computer screen is visible. On the laptop keyboard, hold down Fn while pressing the F12 key.


Sometimes the laptop can overheat causing the display to shut off. This can happen due to debris building up in the fan, heat sink or vents. Use canned air to blow dirt out or dust away.

Broken Display Monitor

After having your Lenovo S20-30 for a long period of time the display monitor may stop working. To replace the display monitor follow the Lenovo S20-30 Display Monitor Replacement instructions.

Broken Webcam

The webcam does not turn on when attempting to use.

Poor Connection

Look in the device manager under "imaging device" to see if the webcam is detected. If it is detected, scan the driver to see if that is causing the issue.

Outdated Driver

Update or install the latest driver. Uninstall the webcam driver to check the generic driver for the issue.

Disabled Camera

Open device manager. Navigate to imaging device and search for “Lenovo easy camera” or “integrated camera”. If a down arrow is shown, camera device was disabled. Right-click Lenovo easy camera or integrated camera to select enable. If there are no imaging devices, then there’s a camera hardware failure.

Camera is Off

Open Lenovo Settings and click on PC info or Change PC settings -> Privacy -> Webcam. Slide on the webcam or configure to let these apps use my webcam to ensure camera is on.

Broken Hardware

Contact Lenovo service center or customer service for assistance.

Loose Display Connector

Look in the device manager under imaging device to see if the webcam is detected. If it is detected, scan the driver to see if that is causing the issue.

Device won’t power on

The computer does not power on after pressing the power button.

Faulty Battery

Ensure the battery is not loose and is inserted properly in the laptop.

There is a possibility the battery is drained. Connect a power source through an AC adapter. If it is connected, make sure they are secure. It could be a faulty power outlet, so try changing wall outlets. Swap the AC Adapter with one that is in good working condition. To replace the faulty battery follow Lenovo S20-30 Battery Replacement for further instructions.

Keyboard is not responsive

The keyboard does not respond when the keys are clicked.

Malfunctioning Hardware

Sometimes keyboards become unresponsive due to a hardware issue. Restart the computer to reboot your system. Check to see if the keyboard is working after rebooting. To replace the Lenovo S20-30 keyboard use the following guide Lenovo S20-30 Keyboard Replacement.

Outdated Driver

The Lenovo keyboard driver may need to be updated. Go to device manager,z click on keyboards, right click and uninstall. Then check “uninstall driver software”. Click scan for hardware changes and restart your computer.

Debris Between Connections

There may be debris between the keyboard connections. Try pressing problem keys diagonally starting from the lower left side of the button and hold for a few seconds to move and clear debris from under the key. If this does not work, try using the other methods provided.

Faulty Battery or Power Cable

Shut down the computer. Unplug the power cable and remove the battery for a few seconds. Press and hold the power button down for 60 seconds. After, insert battery back into computer and plug in power cable. Restart the computer, and check to see if the keyboard becomes responsive.

System Malfunction

Open control panel and click systems on your small icons. Click on system protection in the left pane. Click on system restore and a box will pop up. Click next. Choose a restore point (this should be a date and time before the problem occurred.) Click next again. Select finish at the bottom and click yes to confirm the restore. After, reboot your PC and test to see if your keyboard works.

Laptop Screen is Loose

The laptop screen is not is loose or not attached to the laptop keyboard.

Loose or Detached Hinge

Open the screen and slightly pull up on a hinge. If it pulls farther than the top of the laptop, the hinge is detached and needs to be replaced or reconnected. If it moves slightly, then it needs to be tightened.

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