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Compaq Mini 110 Troubleshooting

Compaq Mini Won't Turn On

Problems with Power Cord

If your device won't boot up, check first to make sure that your power cord doesn't have any physical damage. If the cord has fraying or cuts, you may need to order a new power cord.

Bad AC Adapter

If LEDs on your computer do not light up when your AC adapter is connected, the problem may lie with the adapter itself, or it could involve the system board. In order to check the AC power source, remove the battery Disassembling Compaq Mini 110 Battery and attempt to start up your device with a known functioning AC adapter. If your computer starts up, the problem lies with the faulty adapter. If your computer fails to start up, it is most likely a system board problem.

Bad Battery

Test that your computer can run on power provided only by your battery. If you have access to a known functioning battery, test your device. If it starts, then you need to replace the faulty battery.

Loading Errors

If your device displays a blue screen and loading error messages when starting up, you may need to update the BIOS or device driver. You can update a device driver and locate a BIOS on the HP website. If this doesn't work, you may need to reinstall the Windows operating system entirely by using the recovery discs that came with your device or online on the HP website.

Keyboard Types The Wrong Characters

Keyboard Changed Modes

If symbols and numbers replace letters when typing on your device, the keyboard's configuration may have been switched to one that doubles as a number pad. To fix this, go to a word processing program and press Fn + Num Lock.

Display Dims

If your display screen is dim during regular function on the Windows desktop, try restarting your computer with it connected to AC power using your AC adapter. If it is still dim after restarting, then adjust your brightness using the function keys on your keyboard. If the screen is still dim, it may be a hardware issue for which you should contact HP support.

Webcam Won't Turn On

Assuming that your device uses Windows 7, there are several pre-intalled webcam applications that you can use to test the function of your webcam, such as MediaSmart and YouCam. If the webcam fails to work using one of these programs, then you need to do one of the following.

Install Webcam Driver

To install the webcam driver onto your device, you can either download it off the Software and Driver downloads website or use the Windows USB Video Device Driver that came with your computer.

Windows 7 Driver

In order to fix the webcam on your device, you may need to install or upload new Windows 7 drivers or software.

Microphone Won't Work

Microphone Preferences Setting

Make sure microphone is set to "on" under preferences. If it still does not work, you may need to update the microphone driver.

Reinstall Driver

To reinstall the driver for your microphone, you can download it off the Software and Driver downloads website online or use the driver that came with your device.

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