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Atari Lynx Won’t Turn On

Button not pushed in properly

Press On button to make sure it was correctly pressed.

Low or Bad Batteries

Check that all six AA batteries are properly placed with the correct polarity in the battery pack. If the problem persists change out the batteries and put in new batteries into the battery pack again making sure the polarities are correct.

AC Adapter

If you are using an AC adapter to charge the Atari Lynx and it does not turn on check to make sure the AC adapter is plugged into an outlet all the way. If the problem persists check to see if the console will work with batteries and if so then the AC adapter may need to be replaced.

The Buttons/Control Pad don’t work properly

Button Jammed

One tactic may be to push down on the jammed button; this might help release the button. Another is to gently pull on the button to release the jam. Another way to unjam a button is the clean the area around the button and clear any debris that may cause the problem.

Sound not Functioning

Sound Low/Off

Try to turn the device off then back on. Check to see that the volume is in the on position. Clean in and around the area to make sure that there is nothing obstructing the speakers.

Headphones Not Working

Make sure that the headphones are connected all the way into the headphone jack. If the problem persists check that the headphone jack is clean and clear of any debris. In addition, make sure that the volume control button is turned on to your desired level.

Backlight Not Working

Backlight Dim/Off

Turn the device off then back on and see if the light turns on. Make sure that the button that turns on the backlight is not jammed and refer to the Buttons/ Control Pad don’t work properly.

Check the backlight bulb. If it is broken and needs to be replaced, refer to our backlight repair guide.

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I recently bought an Atari lynx model 1 I put 6 AA batteries in the console and now the batteries wont come out specially the ones at the back please help me with an solution

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