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Laptop Will Not Turn On

In the event that the laptop is not powering on


  • Check the adapter's light (if it's off then your cord is broken)
  • If your computer is beeping, look at your laptop's support page for what the beeps indicate. If not then continue down the list.


  • Check the display lights and listen for the fans and hard drive (if nothing happens it's likely your battery is malfunctioning)
  • Remove the battery and try running the lap top from a plugged in power supply

Installing a new battery may be done by following our battery installation manual.

Hard Drive/Memory Problems

In the event that the laptop powers on but does not boot, experiences memory problems, or contains hard drive errors

Computer Won't Boot

If the computer won't boot, the CPU is unable to communicate with hardware. The cause can be improper installation or failure of the BIOS to recognize hardware. The hard drive may be defective. Refer to our hard drive installation guide for replacement.

Not Enough Memory

Check the software documentation for minimum memory requirements. It may be necessary to buy more memory. Reseat the memory modules to make sure the computer is properly communicating with the memory. Our RAM installation guide describes how to install new RAM modules into your computer.

Improper Configuration

You may have the wrong parts for your computer so the computer does not function correctly. Make sure to check the parts are correct. At the manufacturer's website you can look up the part numbers to check if you have the right parts.

Defective RAM

The memory module itself may be defective. For defective hardware, refer to this installation guide to remove and replace the defective RAM.

Display Problems

In the event that the laptop's display is malfunctioning

Display Brightness

If the display is too bright or too dim, press the "Fn" button and F3 to darken of F4 to brighten. If this does not work, it is possible to manually change your display brightness in Windows OS through using the Control Panel => Display => Adjust Brightness (Windows 7). If display problems persist, follow our display installation guide to replace the screen.

Spots on the display

Spots are often damaged pixels on the screen. Try wiping the screen with a microfiber cloth and a light glass cleaner to ensure that the spots are not dirt particles. If the spots remain, follow our display installation guide to replace the screen.

Display will not turn on

If the display does not turn on, ensure that power has been turned on. If power is on and screen is still off follow our screen installation guide to replace your or re-seat screen.

Webcam Problems

In the event your webcam is malfunctioning

Poor video quality

Check to make sure that your camera is set to its maximum quality settings. If your settings are at maximum check to make sure your connection to the internet is good. If your connection is good, and the quality is at maximum, clean the lens with a soft microfiber cloth. If problems continue, refer to our webcam installation guide to replace the webcam.

Webcam does not function

Ensure that your webcam is turned on. If the camera is turned on and is still not functioning, refer to our webcam installation guide to replace it.

Touchpad Problems

In the event that either the trackpad or clicker buttons are malfunctioning

Trackpad Problems

Cursor Moving at Uncomfortable Speed

Check your mouse settings. In a Windows OS, this setting can be found in Control Panel => Mouse => Pointer Options.

Malfunctioning Multi-touch Gestures

Multi-touch gesture problems are most often a software, rather than hardware, issue. Update youre trackpad driver through Asus Support. If the problem persists, trackpad replacement may be necessary using our touchpad installation guide.

Dirty Trackpad (Sensitivity)

With use, the trackpad will acquire gunk and filth on its surface which hinders its sensitivity. To clean this gunk, gently rub the surface of the trackpad with a soft cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. If the problem persists, continue reading.

Unresponsive Trackpad

In the case that mouse movement is impossible with the track pad, try reseating the trackpad's input housing using our touchpad installation guide. If the the trackpad is still unresponsive after reseating, replacement of the trackpad will be necessary.

Right or Left Clicker Problems

Clicker Registers Double-Click at Uncomfortable Speeds

If using a Windows OS double-click speeds may be altered to user preference by going to Control Panel => Mouse => Buttons => Double Click Speed.

Unresponsive Clicker

If the either, or both, clickers are unresponsive, use a can of compressed air to try to dislodge any debris under the clickers. If the problem continues, follow our touchpad installation guide.

Keyboard Problems

In the event that one or more keys do not register, or incorrectly register, when pressed

Gunky or Unresponsive Keys

Debris or a sticky substances may interfere with the mechanical switches of the keyboard. Obstructions may cause key presses to be ignored or incorrectly register. Use a can of compressed air to try to dislodge the debris. If that does not work, continue reading.

Keyboard failure

If the keyboard persists in malfunctioning, then it is possible that your ASUS EEE PC 900's keyboard has failed.

  • In the case of keyboard failure, plug in an external keyboard via USB port and test if the external keyboard's inputs work in comparison to the laptop's keyboard.
  • In the case that the external keyboard's inputs work, but the laptop's keyboard continues to not work, refer to our keyboard replacement guide.

Additional keyboard troubleshooting tips

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How so I operate the web cam? I can't figure out how to turn it on.

Lisa - Antwoord

How could i fix my laptop the prblm was the power is on but the logo of windows xp came up end then it will turn block but still the power is on what is the prblm of my laptop asus eee 900 series

marvin - Antwoord

Hi, I found that a lot of the "bad" screens are fine but its the e2prom which is hosed.

Typically this happens when someone swaps out the cracked screen and does not do the two critical (that I discovered) modifications.

If anyone wants to know how email or tweet me, I am @darnstadium

testingh - Antwoord

can anyone share resources to solve battery draining when eeepc 900 is switched off? I remeber seeing this on a German forum and it involves soldering a resistor on the board.

Gian Luca - Antwoord

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