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  • California Polytechnic State University SLO
  • Biomedical Engineering Major
  • Goal to become a biomedical engineer focusing on electrophysiology
  • Skills: Calculus, Matlab, French, Microsoft Office, GoogleDocs, CITI trained
  • Projects: Inventing an original medical device and going through the research process for the invention’s development
  • Project: Finding a biomedical solution to a given case study focused on diabetes and Beta Cells in the pancreas
  • Repair experience: I would like to learn how to repair a ventilator
  • Memberships: QL+, Biomedical Engineering Society, Delta Gamma Sorority
  • This project relates to me because I am an aspiring biomedical engineer and I hope to one day work with medical devices such as the ventilator, so it is important for me to know how it works.