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The Note7 came in hot but went out in a show of flames and combustion. Rising out of its ashes is Fawkes the Note8! Samsung has pulled out all the stops on the specs of this phone, and added a few stops where the battery’s concerned. Join us—and hopefully not the local fire department—as we open up the Samsung Galaxy Note8!

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  1. The Note8 is a tall phone. Let's see what occupies all that space:
    • The Note8 is a tall phone. Let's see what occupies all that space:

      • Edge-to-edge, 6.3" Super AMOLED display, 18.5:9 aspect ratio with 2960 × 1440 resolution (521 ppi) and Gorilla Glass 5

      • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 6 GB RAM

      • 3300 mAh battery

      • Dual-lens, dual OIS main camera system with one 12 MP wide-angle lens with ƒ/1.7 aperture and one 12 MP telephoto lens with ƒ/2.4 aperture

      • 64/128/256 GB of internal storage with 256 GB available via microSD expansion

      • S Pen slot, USB-C port, and headphone jack

      • IP68 dust and water resistance rating

    Hi. What model / supplier is the fingerprint sensor? Do you have any picture on that part?

    Kevin Cass - Antwoord

  2. You can see right through this phone if you squint hard and have the ability to fire high-energy photons.
    • You can see right through this phone if you squint hard and have the ability to fire high-energy photons.

    • The X-ray intel suggests a somewhat familiar layout, but a little physical poking and prodding is definitely in order. Ready the tools!

    • But first, a quick exterior comparison of the Note8 and Note7 Fan Edition reveals a bigger display, slimmer bezels, and a fingerprint sensor that has migrated to the back of the phone—where it's now joined by not one, but two cameras.

    Hey iFixit. Please, please share a high resolution version of the X-ray so that we can use it as a wallpaper. You used to do it for the iPhones.

    nishantatripathi - Antwoord

    • This glue-ridden heat-pry-and-slice opening procedure is certainly not our favorite, but at least by now it's getting familiar. As usual, it all starts with our trusty iOpener.

    • Cracking open the phone, we spy a delicate fingerprint sensor cable. This makes carving through all that glue a bit treacherous as the cable might be easy to slice right through if you aren't expecting it.

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    • We are pleased that we get to use a Phillips driver to remove the midframe/NFC antenna/PMA and Qi wireless charging coil combo.

    • After removing that maxed-out midframe, we remove the bottom speaker assembly to get our first peek at the internals.

      • Familiar components, unfamiliar places— the battery is placed nearly dead-center, and the vibrator migrated to the bottom right. Goodbye standard Note/Galaxy S layout.

      • Is this a subtle response to past battery woes, or just Samsung working to tidy up? Time to take a look at that power plant.

    Im beyond grateful for this tear-down, but I was wondering if you’ve kept anywhere, the exact measurements of where the wireless coils are located in the back of the wireless charging phones? I am using a special mount for my phone and want to make sure the wireless coil is as close to completely covered as possible, but can’t tell from these images where the coil resides exactly, in the phone. If that makes sense. Basically, I would just look for a measurement from the top and bottom of the phone, indicating the start and stop of the coil. If not possible, no worries.

    Brandon Chatham - Antwoord

    Hey Brandon! We don’t have an easy way to get this info right now. I’d suggest looking at the X-ray image in step 2, zoom in such that it matches your real life phone, and presto! The bulls-eye looking circle is the charging coil, so you should have the approximate location in your phone. =)

    Sam Lionheart -

    Hi all! That guide it’s perfect, thanks for that.

    I have a question: please, it’s possible to have a Note8 inside-front photo? Just like that one but back to front.

    Thank you so much!

    Giuseppe Della Vecchia - Antwoord

    Can someone let me know if the vibrator motor is replaceable as After dropping mine on the corner the vibration has stopped.

    Nick Worthington - Antwoord

    • In line with other recent Samsung phones, the battery squats in a little pit of glue-lined sadness, but we quickly set to work digging it free.

      • A little heat can help soften the glue here, but heat and lithium-ion batteries form a combustible mix—so we opt for a different solution.

    • This Samsung SDI-made battery plonks down 12.71 Wh (3300 mAh at 3.85 V) of capacity.

    It would be nice if you could add dimensions of every battery you tear out from devices.

    Paweł Kolenda - Antwoord

  3. Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
    Get $12 off your purchase of $50 or more with code FIXMAS12
    • Next we get our hands on the motherboard, along with the Note8’s many cameras.

    • If we were impressed with the number of cameras last time, the new Note ups the ante with four cameras:

      • Facing the front of the phone we have an iris scanner and an 8 MP, ƒ/1.7 camera.

      • Facing the rear we have Samsung's new dual camera module: one wide-angle and one telephoto camera, both with OIS. This system allows for some pretty cool new features.

      • OIS confirmed. This magic bonus image reveals a squad of dense, dark shapes—those'd be the magnets—surrounding both camera lenses. Neat!

    What iris scanner is the Note 8 using?

    Timi Afolabi - Antwoord

    Be very care while removing the mother board or you will make the same mistake i did. The put one single screw through the right corner. Just to the side and down ax little from the sim card

    Jesse King - Antwoord

    Same here - I broke off a piece of the board and now my wifi doesn’t work

    davidwhang - Antwoord

    • Let's notate what powers all of this screen:

    no NFC controller?

    zhaoqian - Antwoord

    hello bro note8 n950f sound ic location place send me diagram my mail

    muhammad arif - Antwoord

    • Flipping the board over we find:

      • Qualcomm WTR5975 RF transceiver

      • Avago AFEM-9053 power amplification module

      • Skyworks 77365 quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE power amplification module

      • Qualcomm PM8998 PMIC

      • Murata KM7628048 Wi-Fi module

    what is different board color green and iphone board black color ? same quality or not ?

    eastmail90 - Antwoord

    board color can be customized,has nothing to do with quality,related to cost and beauty

    zhaoqian -

    The Quallcomm PMIC marked PM8998, not, PM 9886 .

    petersun - Antwoord

    why not show the charger IC ?

    chenxin - Antwoord

    • We reserve the right to continue bellyaching about the opening procedure on these phones, but once inside it's not all bad news.

      • The USB-C port, a component that will experience wear, can be removed with the daughterboard.

      • Meanwhile, the 3.5 mm headphone jack is present (huzzah!) and completely modular. We find this essential on premium handsets.

      • All that, plus an IP68 water/dust ingress protection rating that bests Apple's efforts. Not too shabby.

    • The front-facing sensor assembly is also present on its own little board—another easily replaceable module!

    • Next we open up the S Pen compartment … to find the S Pen. Kind of obvious I guess, but we couldn’t help ourselves.

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    • The Note8's OLED panel has been much ballyhooed, with many superlatives, but we're mostly just interested in how it comes off.

    • Answer: bring heat and alllllll your opening picks.

    • This Samsung-manufactured display bests all previous smartphone displays and represents a significant step forward from what we saw in the S8 series just a few months ago. Small wonder that a certain fruit company wants in on the action.

      • Along for the ride: Samsung S6SY661X (likely touch controller)

    Does the display still work? Maybe glass only is an option if you can get it out.

    Gigabit87898 - Antwoord

    Not sure if we think about the same thing, but the two connectors in the image above fits the rear side of the motherboard (the first image is step 6 shows this reasonably clearly) so the back panel must come off to disconnect those.

    Daniel Wikholm - Antwoord

    • With both the Note7 and Note8 styluses on hand, we couldn't help but do our own comparison—Star Wars style.

    • After glorious combat we asked our friends at Creative Electron to show us the inner-workings of the S Pen.

      • Unfortunately, they found no kyber crystals.

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    • We hope you took notes along the way, because this Note is kaput!

    • Big thanks to Creative Electron for once again bringing our teardown into a new dimension!

    • Feast your eyes on all the bits and stay tuned for a score.


    How do you remove earpiece speaker?

    Heriberto - Antwoord


    How do you remove the earpiece speaker of the Note 8, also what are the recomended temperature for removing the LCD frame and perform separation.

    Heriberto - Antwoord

    Photos are blurry. Microphones are not covered, water resistance isn't covered. LACKING details.

    Funva Oped - Antwoord

    Lacking clear high res photos. Lacking info on mics. Lacking info on ware resistant implementation around each port and sealing phone case. Lacking many details of internal compartments. Barely adequate. High level vagueness compared to what's needed to service it.

    Funva Oped - Antwoord

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    • Many components, including all of those that experience wear, are modular and can be replaced independently.
    • The only screws in this phone are standard Phillips screws.
    • The battery can be replaced, but tough adhesive and a glued-on rear panel make it unnecessarily difficult.
    • All repairs require removing the glass rear panel, which is challenging due to the large amount of adhesive.
    • Replacing the display requires removing the glass rear panel and the display, both of which are fragile and secured with strong adhesive.
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The iPhone is way better designed than this, when I had to replace my screen it was just two screws and the screen comes off first...

Gaj B - Antwoord

The iPhone is not IP68.

Steve Galbincea -

ignore him, he's a 12 year old iDiot who wants to feel better about his horrible purchase by spamming every samsung teardown with nonsense. probably gets bullied irl too

Bogdan Lol -

Lets not forget that this samsung device has a headphone jack.

Arnold -

Bogdan Lol sounds like a Samsung fanboy that has to resort to having to argue with people over the internet to get their way because they can't in real life. Also it isn't nonsense; its facts. The iPhone line has almost always had more repairability and durability because it has only 1 glass panel instead of 2. And, Steve's point is nonsense because it is only a difference of .5 of a meter and unless you plan to take your phone scuba diving it isn't very relevant.

Gigabit87898 -

@gigabit87898 Don't get worked up over this guy. Every device has ups and downs. iPhones can't have Qi because of the metal back. But Samsungs have glass which makes it prone to cracking. Samsungs aren't actually competing against Apple in the same way XBox isn't competing with PS4. Apple people will be Apple people and Android people will be Android people. Same deal with consoles. At least until they switch. And when they switch it likely isn't because of the repairability score.

Samsung isn't "The" Android anymore. If you really want to pit Android vs. apple it should be pixel vs. iPhone or not at all. Also take a look at the OnePlus 5's score.

George A. -

@pccheese good point; I do have a Samsung and I don't really have a preference anymore when it comes to iOS vs android but I hate it when people bash apple with false facts.

Gigabit87898 -

well the note 4 was imo also better designed than this pile of crap, the battery could be replaced by the user without having to go through ANY screse and no %#*@ glue either.

My1 -

Really great tear down. You guys always go above and beyond. Looks like a nice phone, will be interesting to see what Apple responds with in a few days.

zhunterzz - Antwoord

They are going to be innovative and add a 3.5mm stereo jack to their next model. Then charge $50 for some ridiculously sounding headphones.

Michael Fouts -

The iPhone 7 is rated IP67. The difference between that and IP68 is undefined, up to the manufacturer, but immersion deeper than 1 metres, up to 3 metres.

In case anybody is wondering, "OIS" is an abbreviation for "Optical Image Stabilization".

irvbromberg - Antwoord

IP68 is a defined rating. Basically 5 feet (1.5 meters) for half an hour with pressure shifts (can include phone and water movement). IP67 is 1 meter maximum pressure (device not moving, water still) for 30 minutes.

Do people even Google these days?

carbonfibreoptik -

I love the Samsung's I think they r the best I love the note 5 with the pen to take notes so I'm waiting for the 8 I want this phone can't wait!!!!

Wendy - Antwoord

Love love these phones and with Verizon I get service EVERYWHERE!!!!HAVEN'T FOUND A PLACE YET I CAN'T GET SERVICE

Wendy - Antwoord

I need to know which camera sensor s8 & note 8 has been used?

Why didn't you mentioned it?

Sagor - Antwoord

Much easier to repair when you have Samsung authorized tools - The screens come off so easy :)

SecretGuy - Antwoord

At least Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is easier to disassemble than Essential Phone.

Mandy - Antwoord

camera sensor name, please mention

Sandeep Bhuyan - Antwoord

Any idea where I can get that X-ray pic of the phone in Step 2 in full size?

Chad Preslar - Antwoord

Click on the thumbnail, then click on the image. It should take you to a new tab to show the full size image.

Nazmi Lao -

It is no longer about hardware. All of the top phones boast impressive hardware that is powerful enough for a majority of the cell phone using world. Now the battle has started shifting to software and in this aspect, I do think Apple has taken the lead with the focus on enabling normal people to take amazing photos. The latest announcement of the lighting toolbox on the new phones takes this even a step further. Augmented Reality is next up so it should be fun to see what the developers can come up with to entice regular people unto using AR.

anonymous 1297 - Antwoord

I was an Apple user for a number of years (Iphone 5, 6 and 6S), I reluctanly moved back into Android with the Note 8.

The pics on my Note 8 look spot on mate! Especiall with the fantastic screen to view them on… I use a DLSR to so I can spot a sharp image or two…

What drove me away from Apple?

In order of annoyance, lack of built in memory, the screen size, ramping of pricing.

What I’ve found so far, is that Android apps are more prone to fall over, but the general connectivity provided by Google, leads to a more seamless user experiance and the screen man is AMAZING on the Note 8!

Dave Kotula -

Hi. What model / supplier is the fingerprint sensor? Do you have any picture on that part?

Kevin Cass - Antwoord

Harder to disassemble means phone packs s lot of tech in a very compact way.

Jinda insan - Antwoord

Lets remember that the today’s iPhone is a Samsung phone that you bought in 2014.

Enrique Hoyos - Antwoord

I hear certain countries actually let fanboys literally marry their devices. There's still hope. lol

Roger -

i second the OP!

Bee Jay Cee -

Samsung really have a very good taste of style when it comes to tearing down iPhone is so crapy

Steven Baffoe - Antwoord

Saying Samsung has a “good taste” when it comes to tearing down versus an iPhone could easily be sarcasm so I'm not sure what direction you're actually going in. I'm also not sure if you do repairs for a living or not but if you did you'd probably appreciate iPhones more than you seem to. lol

Roger -

Where is the LTE antenna located on these? After about a week suddenly my LTE signal went from about -80 dBA at home to bouncing between about -95 and -130 dBa. I still have my old Note 5 and on the same LTE band with the same carrier it sits pretty much right at -80 dBA in the same location…

Jake Martinez - Antwoord

How can i fix my note 8 display i brake it and how much it will cost

emu khan - Antwoord

How can i fix my note 8 display i broke it amd how much it will cost. I am from bangladesh.

emu khan - Antwoord

This phone is very pricey. Could I save $$$ if I bought the parts independently and put the phone together myself?

Raymond Johnson - Antwoord

Maybe you can buy all parts online but not now. Buy Galaxy Note 8 parts here.

Mandy -

Lord no lol. Samsung parts are kind of a pain to come by for some reason. They sell the phone as a full package for a reason.

Liam Powell -

The “I” phone may be easier to tear down but is that due to it neading to be easier due to the amount of times they need repairing, having all that glue prevents the components from moving about in relation to the other components, when a item is easy to pull apart that makes it much easier for components to shift and get damaged.

Poppy Ann lynagh-smith - Antwoord

It’s not that easy to pull apart? It still takes a lot of force and parts are definitely screwed in so they don’t rattle around. Just the opening procedure is less intensive heating and prying and more unscrewing and suction cups. :P

Liam Powell -

We all have our choice of phones and tablets be it Samsung, Apple or Microsoft. iFix it isn’t the place to hammer at people for no reason really.

Lets face it every phone or tablet can break regardless of make. iFix it are here to help us all and that means regardless of which manufacture, we would be stuffed if they only stripped down just one manufacture be it Apple or Samsung.

So come on people stop arguing like kids in a playground and start accepting that we are all different in what we like.

Billy Thomas - Antwoord

if you are looking for the note8 spen. You can go to sfelectronics . biz and they give discounts to repair stores. Just leave a note at checkout that you are a repair store and get them for 21.99 each brand new

FastBatteryCharger - Antwoord

Im guessing its too much to ask ifixit to logically explain why the note 8 got lower repairability score than iphone 10 because if they honestly had to explain it, they would have to admit the note 8 is easier and WAY CHEAPER to repair than the iphone 10 but they are bias against Samsung’s superior smartphones.

TEXASBLAZE 101 - Antwoord

The reasoning is laid out both in the teardowns and in the score steps. This phone loses two points for the lack of display accessibility and the increased difficulty of removing the battery. The iPhone X offers a display-first opening procedure, and has stretch-release tabs to ease battery replacement. Hope that helped!

Sam Lionheart -

Can anyone tell me what the yellowish sensor in the top right of the phone (see video at 59 seconds) with the water sensor on it is? It’s not part of the frame because it was removed at 1:41.

Joshua Watson - Antwoord

Its not a sensor, its yellow electrostatic tape and its holding down a pink tab of heat dissipation material

Nickolas Brown -

I have a broken screen that I want to replace it. I can’t tell whether I simply need a $24 Front Screen Glass or do I need the $200+ LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement + Full set PreCut Adhesive? And if I only need the $24 Front Screen Glass, I haven’t seen anything about separating that from the front display.

michaelecarpent - Antwoord

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