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USF Tampa, Team 12-5, Blackwell Fall 2014



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Team Charter – USFT_Blackwell_F14S12G5

Broad Team Goals

• We desire, as a team, to complete this project in a professional and timely manner, and to ultimately get our project published by iFixit. Each member of our team is committed to delivering the greatest effort possible to achieve our means.

Measurable Team Goals

• We will meet the requirements of every milestone throughout the course of this project by the deadline set for each milestone.

• We will consciously peer review all writing submissions in order to ensure all assignments are free from grammatical errors.

Personal Goals

Project Manager (Jared S.) – My personal goal is to enforce organization and punctuality throughout the course of the project.

Research Coordinator (Vincent C.) – My personal goal is to ensure accurate and effective data organization throughout the project.

Visual Coordinator (David P.) – My desire is to provide visual direction relevant to the project.

Digital Coordinator (Vlad) – My goal is to ensure all digital content produced is unique and market-leading.

Individual Commitment

• All members of our group have made the commitment to dedicate the time required to create a finished product of the highest quality.

Other Concerns

• Each member of our group has other responsibilities related to work and school which will make scheduling meetings difficult. This means some meetings will have to be very brief and concise.

Conflict Resolution

• We have decided that conflict resolution will be conducted in a group setting, in a democratic manner. We do not wish for any team member to feel targeted, so our focus will be on finding the most effect solution in a civil manner.

Missed Deadlines

• We will respond to any missed deadlines as quickly as possible. If a deadline has passed and the assignment is not completed, the team member responsible for that task will be contacted immediately and given 24 hours to present the finished assignment.

• Should any assignment which is overdue requires more than 24 hours to be completed by one team member, other team members will assume some of the responsibilities in order to ensure the tardiness of the assignment is minimal.

Unacceptable Work

• We have deemed work that is late or work that does not meet expectations unacceptable.

• Before submission of any key element of the project, we will review each team members work as a group. After our assessment of the work, we will make a determination as to the work’s quality and promptness.

• When work is deemed sub-par, Jared will address the team member tasked with said work and ask him to redo the assignment - to higher standards - within 48 hours.

Contact Information

• All group communications should be addressed to our project manager, Jared. He will then forward any necessary information to the remainder of the group. Our email addresses are as follows:

Jared -

Vincent -

David -

Vlad -

Administrative Duties

• Project Manager (Jared S.) – Duties include handling documents (including uploads and printouts) and scheduling meeting times.

• Research Coordinator (Vincent C.) – Duties include taking notes during group meetings.

• Visual Coordinator (David P.) – Duties include keeping attendance records.

• Digital Coordinator (Vlad) – Duties include handling equipment such as the device and toolkit as well as taking pictures for the project.