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Eastern Washington University, Team 2-6, Crane Winter 2017

We have Mahdi who is good with computers and Kailee who is excited to learn about how to fix something for the first time!


Team Tag: EWU-CRANE-W17S2G6

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Our team members are:

Kylan Hennessy, who is currently in his Junior year at EWU majoring in Electrical Engineering. He plans on graduating in 2019. The classes he is studying include calculus, physics, and digital circuits. His biggest asset he can bring the to team is his ability to use a multitude of tools to diagnose and repair electrical and mechanical faults in cars, engines, and generators.

Mahdi Albukhaytan , who is from Saudi Arabia. He is majoring with Electrical Engineering. Back to 2012, he has studied two years for Administration Network System major, which the major included some classes for fixing the computers. This is his second quarter at EWU. He is planning to graduate at the end of 2019 if he gets 20 credits each quarter, but to get better GPA, he should take 15 credits each quarter. Also, he is good with computers. He likes programing more than the fixing the devices or changing the parts. Additionally, He has had some classes about building the computers; he knows the inputs, and the outputs of the computer.

Kailee Poe, who is currently a Bio-Chem major at EWU. This is her junior year and, she is hoping to graduate in 2019. She has never fixed anything before so this will be exciting to learn how to. This will be a benefit because she is a focused person with a willingness to learn new things!

Marisol Ramirez, who is a Public Health major in her junior year at EWU. The courses she is studying this quarter are Bio 233 and MTHD 106. Some skills she can provide to this team are her writing skills and her ability to learn fast.