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Shattered screen iPhone-5


iPhone 5

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

40 minuten - 1 uur


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The phone and shattered screen still worked, but it was unpleasant getting shards of glass in my fingers. Rather than throw away any, mostly functioning machine, I prefer to do the repairs myself. It's a self-esteem issue probably rooted in some childhood occurrence.

Mijn oplossing

Following IFIXIT's video guide for replacing the iPhone 5's screen made the job very easy, (less than an hour) especially the cautions regarding proper removal of the various ribbon cables. The job could not have been attempted without the included tools accompanying the replacement screen. One tiny complaint: there is a plastic spacer/support under the upper right-hand corner of the rear camera that fell out during disassembly. This spacer was not addressed or mentioned in the video and would have been lost had I not had a large, clean working surface. It required several attempts to reassemble it correctly, but with the help of a head-lighted magnifier, I was able to get it properly aligned. That said, I can say without qualification, that I would have utterly failed in my efforts to replace the screen with the help of the IFIXIT video. Thank you very much!

Mijn advies

Add a few comments, cautions and pictures to the video of the rear camera spacer properly aligned for reassembly. This is a tiny quibble for an otherwise perfect video.

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