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Be careful with the antenna connector

shartley -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement

25 minuten - 1 uur


Mijn probleem

My iPhone 4s became waterlogged (I was told iOS 7 would allow it to float in water), so the internal dock connector flag went red. The end result was audio would not play on the phone.

Mijn oplossing

It took me about two hours due to inexperience. With more experience it would have been 30 minutes. It went smoothly until I glued down the data cable before finishing installation of the speaker assembly. Stretching the data cable around to install screws underneath is not a good idea as it ripped and I ended up buying a second part.

Mijn advies

Buy the tools. Even with all my tools, the specific tools necessary for this repair are worth the money. Don't tape down the data cable until you are absolutely sure the back screw on the speaker enclosure is in place with its little triangle piece of plastic underneath. Be very, very, very careful lifting and replacing the antenna cable on the logic board, the socket on the logic board deforms easily and makes reconnecting a pain. I had to perform microsurgery on the connector to get enough contact since I botched reattaching the antenna connector. Thank goodness the battery connector plate secures the antenna connector since the socket on the logic plate deformed and would not hold the antenna connector in place.

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