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1st iPhone 5 Display Assy Replacement

Matt -

iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

40 minuten - 1 uur


Mijn probleem

My wife somehow shattered her iPhone 5 display while placing it back into the belt holster. We do not carry insurance on our devices due to the cost vs how often we damage equipment.

Mijn oplossing

This was my first iPhone 5 repair. I have done many iPhone 4 models without issue. After watching the iFixit video it seemed as though it would be a breeze. It would have been except...

The two main issues I ran into was the broken glass impeding my ability to lift the screen enough to get the tool under it and a small plastic spacer that was not in the video that goes over the camera cable and under the earpiece speaker bracket.

Our device's screen was so damaged on the bottom and around the home button that a suction cup had NO chance of holding. I used many layers of packing tape on the bottom of the screen to make a smooth layer for the suction cup to grip and eventually after many attempts finally was able to lift the screen enough for a tool to get under. At that point the damage caused the screen to break at the home button and I though it destroyed the home button ribbon cable, bit it did not thankfully. I also had to use caution not to tear the gasket around the home button because I was trying to reuse it. Also took some time to clean all glass pieces and glass dust out of lower phone case and off the home button gasket.

I don't have a picture, but the little black spacer under the earpiece bracket is manageable, but a bit of a pain to keep in place while holding the earpiece and bracket and putting in the lovely Apple 1.5 thread engagement screws :) All in all, seeing as it was my first, and a nearly $200 screen vs the $30 ones for the iPhone 4 so I really took my time it was a good repair experience. Now I have another one to do for a friend.

Mijn advies

Take your time, be mindful of the little black spacer and if you have a lot of glass damage on the lower part of the screen, expect a challenge or delay in getting the screen off. The packing tape idea worked pretty well for making a smooth surface and covering the glass pieces. I would also recommend safety glasses. Sometimes when the broken screen pops up, as in this case and some I have had in the past, many pieces of sharp small glass fragments fly up. Not the thing you want in your eyes !

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