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iPod Touch 4th Generation

iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

2 uren


Mijn probleem

iPod Touch Gen 4 screen was shattered

Mijn oplossing

Screen was replaced and works well. Took about 2-3 hours cumulative. Volume button did not work however did not warrant reopening to investigate.

Mijn advies

Followed the instructions exactly - and take note of all the warnings. Be aware of the placement of the wireless antenna before removing the screen, it will be glued to the screen. When lifting the logic board, it is normal for the front facing camera to become dislodged from the base housing. Display data connector cable is very short. Gently bend the cable outwards and away from the screen assembly to get the additional length. You should connect the display data cable before reattaching the steel mid plane and screws by standing the screen 90 degrees with the bottom case. Place the bottom housing on a flat surface and ensure the top of the screen stands on the flat surface (not on the case). When reassembling the screen to the bottom case, make sure the data cable does not become disconnected and watch the hook the metal plate which hinges under the edge of the bottom case. Order extra adhesive strips in the unlikely event you decide to reopen the display assembly.

iPod touch (4th Gen) Screen Afbeelding
iPod touch (4th Gen) Screen


iPod touch (4th Gen) Adhesive Strips Afbeelding
iPod touch (4th Gen) Adhesive Strips


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