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Steam Deck

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Steam Deck Fan Replacement

15 minuten


Mijn probleem

I purchased the $649 model Steam deck in 2023, I did not expect to receive a model with the original outdated fan, that was a bummer to find out, my brother and I both purchased our steam deck at the same time in 2023 and he had received the updated fan model, I could tell the difference right away as his machine would hardly make any sound, mine however, the fan would SCREAM at me plus I needed top be at full volume on the steam deck to hear any of my games.

Mijn oplossing

The repair was amazing, thank you to Valve and IFIXIT.

Valve truly made an easy machine to repair and IFIXIT guides make me feel much more confident.

Mijn advies

Be careful with the screws and possible stripping, be slow and press hard.

the Battery Cable is REALLY tight, and the Fan cable is super fragile

Steam Deck (Original Model) Fan Afbeelding
Steam Deck (Original Model) Fan


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