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MacBook Battery Doesn't Charge

Matteo -

MacBook Core 2 Duo

MacBook Core 2 Duo Magsafe Board Replacement

MacBook Core 2 Duo Magsafe Board Replacement

30 minuten - 2 uren


Mijn probleem

I was working with my mac when it has suddenly shut off. I noticed that the battery wasn't charging but when I tried to pull out the battery leaving only the macbook connected to the magsafe, the mac doen't powers up too! I tried with a different charger but the problem was still the same!

At the Mac Store in Padova they said me the problem might be the logic board but, since my MacBook was late 2006, parts to fix the problem were no longer available (?! WTF).

I was already resigned to buy a new mac once I noticed that when pushing in the magsafe connector towards the mac case, the mac was powering up and the battery has began to recharge.

Mijn oplossing

I ordered a MagSafe Connector to iFixit and, in about two weeks it has arrived to Italy! ...now I'm writing this review from my resuscitated MacBook! The installation in very easy, I disassembled and riassembled my Mac in just 15 minutes (and I take this opportunity to blow out some dust)!

Mijn advies

I just suggest you a quick shipping method if you need your piece be shipped quickly to Italy.

MacBook MagSafe DC-In Board afbeelding
MacBook MagSafe DC-In Board


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