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There was nothing left to shut off except our phones themselves

Robert Morgan -

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

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My wife was frequently complaining that she could literally observe the charge in her iPhone 6S drain. Mine was doing a little better than that, but hardly held a charge more than 5-6 hours per charge.

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I'm adventurous, but I almost immediately began to wonder if I had bitten off more than I could chew when I could not lift the front of the phone. However, with my wife's extra hands on the spudger while I tugged on the suction cup the first one gradually yielded. After that initial challenge it went well until I tried to remove the adhesive strips behind my battery. Her's had pulled out perfectly according to the instructions, but both of mine broke long short of complete removal. Fortunately I had purchased the iOpener, which heats up the adhesive and then I sweated out probing under the battery with the stiff plastic card that also comes with the extra removal kit. I was scared that I would accidentally puncture the battery and be blown to smithereens, or that I would damage some delicate electronic device under the battery. Fortunately, it went well. However, I have to report that the suction cup that comes with the replacement battery kit was useless, because it would not stick. However the one with the removal kit worked well.

Now we both get almost 2 days of usage per charge. That was well worth it! Furthermore, I cancelled the insurance on our iPhones, much to the surprise of the Verizon representative, because I believe we can fix almost anything on the phones ourselves That saves us $22 per month ($11 each) on our bill. Yeah!!!

Mijn advies

Last night one of my daughters stopped by, and during the conversation she told us how our older granddaughter's home button was not working consistently on her handed-me down iPhone 5. I checked the iFixit web site and told her I could fix it for under $20.

She reminded me of how I removed the wheel weights on her first car so that she could not drive over 50 mph without the car shaking itself apart. She then told us that she was happy that the iPhone's home button did not work well, because it kept her daughter from overusing and/or abusing the phone privilege. Humm...

Nevertheless, I was a little disappointed to not have the opportunity to fix my granddaughter's iPhone. However today I am expecting a couple of new batteries for our ancient MacBook Pros. After I replace the batteries we are going to give them to our granddaughters for their school work. Our daughter may want me to detune or disable something in them first, but I'm not going to ask. Being a grandparent is too much fun!

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