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Fixed my Macbook Pro Keyboard - 3 hrs

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MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Late 2011

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MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Late 2011 Upper Case Replacement

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I accidentally spilled coffee on my MacBook Pro and the keyboard was partly functional after that.

3 keys would type erroneous keys.

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The repair was a bit tough. The step by step iFixit guides were very helpful. The pictures helped me understand I was on the right path. Plus there were comments on many steps that users had shared. These comments are very very helpful. Please read them if you are stuck.

Mijn advies

Advice : Follow the steps precisely. Also there are hints by iFixit - like pull the cable parallel to the board. Do exactly as said. Before the fix I was a bit scared, but wanted to take the challenge.

There are tons of hints shared by commenters. Please read them if you are stuck.

I was having trouble getting the Keyboard ribbon back into the logic board. Spent 15 mins and was getting frustrated. I read a useful hint of sticking a scotch tape and pulling the tap like a tab rather than forcing the ribbon. This single tip saved me effort and frustration.

Also note that they keyboard is bolted down to the laptop with many tiny screws, around 60. Its easy to loose them. So save them in a Ziplock bag. In fact at every step of the way you will have to unscrew bunch of screws, save each of these screws that you unscrew at different steps in different zip locks and write the step number on the zip lock. That will help you identify the exact screw when you are trying to put back the thing.

Also the 60 Keyboard screws are very tiny and they can fall off and get inside the keyboard holes, between the keyboard and the bottom board. Be careful to not drop the screw in there. If it falls in, use a tiny magnetized philip screwdriver to get it out. To Magnetize your screwdriver just rub it against a magnet a couple of times.

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