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Voyage to the center of an Iphone 6

J H -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement

3 uren


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Initially my wife couldn't charge her phone and after trying multiple cables it became clear the issue was the phone itself, so I purchased the replacement assembly.

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This phone had the smallest components I have ever worked with. After putting in the assembly we found that the phone charged fine but the mic wasn't working correctly. There's a piece attached to the original assembly's microphone that needed transplanting, so I'm glad I didn't throw anything away. After that my thumb-plagued meat hands broke the wifi antenna connector, so I took the one off the prior assembly and spliced the wires together. Now the phone keeps losing cell connection, which is odd since I never tinkered with the top side of the phone, though now I must to try fixing it further.

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It's been three days and many hours prying into this phone again and again, I've seen more of it than my wife so far this week. This latest issue of poor cell connection isn't as straight forward as the other issues I fixed, although I can be sure it isn't software based I'll have much more prying to go before it's fixed, if it can be.

Next time we'll stick with Android.

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