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I Am A Repairman (And So Can You!)

Justin Kroes -

iPhone 5c

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iPhone 5c Screen Replacement

1 uur


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My screen was more shattered than the dreams of a biology undergraduate that just failed the MCAT

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Great. I probably shouldn't have started at 1AM, but it worked out in the end. The phone works completely. I had to pry about a third of my screen off piece by piece. I can't believe how easy this was! Thank you, thank you, thank you, iFixit.

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The suction device didn't work as advertised, possibly because my screen was so fractured. (It stuck to other surfaces, so I'm sure it was just my phone. ) The guide I watched was for the iPhone 5c LCD Screen and Digitizer, though I didn't realize it initially. When the repair lady in the video began taking out the camera, I ebulliently realized my Full Assembly kit let me skip a few steps. Putting the phone back together took 15 minutes, mainly because I almost lost 2 of the smallest screws. Once you know what you're doing, things are quick and easy. If you have the money, I would recommend this kit. Make sure to watch the instructions on how to transfer over the home button, since it's the only component that isn't included.

iPhone 5c Screen afbeelding
iPhone 5c Screen


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