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Broken Piece of Earphone Plug Stuck in Jack

Heidi Moser -

iPhone 6s

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iPhone 6s Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement

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A broken piece of an headphone plug was stuck in the iPhone headphone jack, so that I could not hear without using speakerphone.

Apple Store was unable to get the piece out.

GripStick Headphone Plug Extraction Tool ($24.95) was not successful in removing it.

I ordered iPhone 6s Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack / Used ($17.95), and iOpener / Fix Kit ($19.95) as well as a 58 pc precision screwdriver kit ($12.29) from Amazon which I wanted anyway.

Mijn oplossing

I reviewed all directions before attempting the repair. I did not review all comments, and later realized I might have done a shorter repair, skipping a lot of the take apart. Definitely read the Comments!

The iOpener kit was great. I do not believe I could have gotten the screen off without the microwavable gel strip to warm the adhesive.

I used the tray to keep track of all the TINY screws and parts in the order in which I removed them. I basically filled the tray. I used all the tools in the iOpener. I wish that the iOpener kit had included the Nut Driver 2.5mm and P2 screwdriver (P .8 in my Amazon kit).

The repair took me 2.5 or 3 hours to complete. I have been tearing apart Macs since 1990, so I would say I am experienced with repairs, but this was my first iPhone take apart. I wouldn't have been brave enough to do this Difficult repair if the alternative hadn't been to replace the phone.

Getting the screen off took me awhile, but it was putting it back together that was the headache. I had quite a time getting all the connectors reattached ... very, very gently. There was a point about 2 hours in where I thought I was not going to be able to get everything reconnected, but I did eventually. On the first start-up, I discovered that everything was working except, apparently, my touchscreen. After taking a break, I took it apart to the point where the digitizer is connected, tried again, and finished the assembly again. Fortunately, everything fired up on the second try.

Mijn advies

There are a few items to be aware of when putting it back together that are not noted on the take-apart. I'm going to go back and see if I can add my suggestions there.

I would not be afraid to do any iPhone take apart after this.

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