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PS4 Motherboard & Blu Ray

Travan Turner -

PlayStation 4

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PlayStation 4 Motherboard Replacement

15 minuten


Mijn probleem

I fixed it because the PS4 model I had (CUH-1115A) would not power on anymore. I've tried multiple power supplies and alternatives, After a while I checked the old board and saw that it wasn't connecting properly with a few pins. I thought to myself, "The only sure way to fix this major issue is buy a new motherboard replacement." I was hoping that there were MOBOs available for this model, because not all of the PS4 models have motherboard replacements you can buy. Luckily I saw that you guys (IFIXIT) were selling parts and the model board I needed. It was also my first time purchasing anything from you guys and I love the service. Thanks for the parts, guys.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went well. After replacing the board and blu ray drive, it powered on and I installed the new system software on it and it was running smooth. Estimate complete time within 1hour.

Mijn advies

Yes! As a matter of fact, anytime you are replacing the motherboard, replace the blu ray drive as well, So it can remarried the board. Also download the Sony PS4 system software update on your flash drive (FAT32 Or Efat) ahead of time so once you replace the motherboard and blu ray, you can plug in your flashdrive/thumb drive at same time you power on your PS4.

PlayStation 4 SAB-001 Motherboard & Paired Optical Drive afbeelding
PlayStation 4 SAB-001 Motherboard & Paired Optical Drive


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