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iPhone 5s Display Assembly Replacement

timothylangness -

iPhone 5s

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iPhone 5s Display Assembly Replacement

20 minuten


Mijn probleem

My daughter dropped and shattered the screen of her iPhone 5s. Rather than bringing it into "the shop"/phone store to have it fixed at the minimum of the estimated "couple hundred dollars" the salesperson quoted me over the phone, I thought, "How hard could it possibly be to replace this on my own?"

Mijn oplossing

Knowing there were literally masses of options available on the internet for parts, I first ordered a generic replacement kit and found the ifixit site for the tutorial(s). After a very painful swap of all the parts, I got it put back together only to find the screen had crazy resolution problems with multiple lines running through the display. Then I happened to see that ifixit actually sold complete assemblies - I figured, "What the !&&* - it's still well under the cost of bringing the phone in for repair..." and purchased the full assembly. The part was delivered quickly and the replacement (literally) took me less than 20 minutes. And everything worked PERFECTLY!

Mijn advies

I'm not going to lie - ifixit.com is now the ONLY place I'll go for my fix-it needs.

DEFINITELY a recommendation from me! :)

iPhone 5s Screen afbeelding
iPhone 5s Screen


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