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Nook HD+ Gone Negative

John F Moore -

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Mijn probleem

After installing N2A on an SD Card, my Nook HD+ stopped charging its battery. This probably had nothing to do with N2A, but was a result of the battery charge going too far to recover.

Mijn oplossing

If I had written this two days ago, it would not have been positive. (Has nothing to do with iFixit)

The tools ordered worked as designed. There was no problem prying off the top, removing the screws, and pulling the motherboard assembly. With the battery disconnected, I was able to gingerly remove the old battery (that is SOME double-stick tape!).

I installed the new battery I bought on eBay, connected it, and put in a couple of screws to hold the motherboard in. It STILL wouldn't charge. I turned the unit off and went Google-surfing, where I found a tale of a similar problem which required repeatedly taking advantage of the startup in which the system would charge for a few seconds every time the USB cable was connected.

I then played around for a few days, repeating the "manual battery refresh cycles" for fifteen minutes at a time. I discovered something that had not been mentioned, but doing this would almost always cause the wipe-and-restore cycle to eventually start up. Once that happens, well, let's say I decided to let it proceed. This happened several times.

Eventually (actually after a week of my fiddling), the green (normal) LED changed to ORANGE and stayed that way! Woo-Hoo! It sits beside me right now with that orange showing. After a night connected, it had returned to green.

At this point, the Nook seems to be operating correctly, with one exception. The battery icon used to have a "lightning bolt" displayed on the battery when charging. This no longer occurs, but the LED doesn't lie! I'm now at full-charge, and all is well. I'll put the front bezel back on today, but that should be nothing more than applying the 3M iFixit tape to the motherboard assembly, and sticking the bezel back on.

Mijn advies

Be careful, and search the Internet when you hit a snag!

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