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Beware of dents in chassis when replacing screen

Neil Cross -

iPad Mini Wi-Fi

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iPad Mini Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

50 minuten


Mijn probleem

Replacing a broken screen that had been dropped. I mention the drop because I failed to notice that the aluminium chassis had its shape altered slightly as a result of the impact.

Mijn oplossing

While undergoing the final stage of a screen replacement, it appeared that the front camera frame attached to the screen was a little out of alignment and subsequently the small bumps would not seat correctly by keying into their keyholes. I thought I could lift the frame of its adhesive, correctly seat it in the front camera, then fit the glass in evenly. Turns out it was actually slightly out of shape on the right hand corner which caused the glass to sit up slightly on that corner.

Be careful not to assume that the glass has any allowance whatsoever. Glass is a brittle substance and has no tolerance.

Mijn advies

The fix was to reshape the corner lip until the glass can sit in there and be flush with the rest of the chassis. I believe the small dollies to panel beat dents out are available from this sites rare tools section. I am however about to add a set of miniature rotary bits to my arsenal as a result. Hindsight is a beautiful thing :)

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