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iPhone 5s Lightning replacement

Aitor Javier Perez -

iPhone 5s

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iPhone 5s Lightning Connector Replacement

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Mijn probleem

I was having trouble charging my phone every night, so I decided to replace the lightning connector assemble (which includes microphone, antenna, headphone jack and Touch ID socket).

Mijn oplossing

I did follow the guide on iFixit, but it wasn't necessary to remove the logic board, so I have simplified the repair and the risks of damaging something else in the phone.

I have done the repair slowly because I wanted to be gentle with all the connectors, and the display assembly, which is really unfortunate how the Touch ID cable is connected and if you go fast, you could damage the Touch ID connector and the display connectors.

Mijn advies

If you can, you should definitely buy and iSclack if you're not sure how many pressure you have to put to open the display. I have used a suction cup, but I really think it's really risky.

You need to transfer some things before putting the new assembly that are not shown in the guide:

Microphone gasket (if you don't, the microphone doesn't work)

Touch ID socket bend piece (really important for reattaching the bracket)

Be careful and patient with the antenna connector next to the battery socket.

I recommend that before closing up the phone, to verify that everything is working, like the speakers, microphone, lightning connector and headphone jack.

Be extremely careful and patient with the flex cables, use an organizational tool like the magnetic mat to organize your screws, it helps a lot.

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