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iPod Touch 5 - Take One

Jamie FC -

iPod Touch 5th Generation

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iPod Touch 5th Generation Display Assembly Replacement

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The continuing saga of helping my fellow community members experience chip- and crack-free gaming and browsing.

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The repair went fairly well. Popping the screen off with a suction cup simply did not work - the screen was too far gone. I had to do some digging with metal tools to get all the glass out in the end. Also, the final few steps - once you have freed the lightning connector/headphone jack/speaker assembly, gets very tricky without an extra set of hands or some sort of work station that you can prop or rest components against. Even more difficult is the first few steps of the reverse procedure, putting the new screen in while ensuring all of the wires get tucked back in where they are supposed to be while ensuring the connectors stay connected. Once the LCD shield is back in place, the close-up is trivial.

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There seems to be no mention of thermal adhesive in the guide. Indeed I notice that a lot of these guides, to replace the screen, just say "follow these directions in reverse." However, it is not that simple. I wish I'd known that I would need adhesive to put the U-shaped connector (the display cable? I forget which one it actually is) back snug onto the logic board. As it was I was able to harvest some off the old screen and reuse it, but it would have been nigh impossible to keep it seated while replacing the LCD shield, had I been careless.

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Pick up some double-sided tape for electronics. I like Octopus Glue's clear tape with the red backing. Grab a few different small sizes for yourself (pay attention to the width's your are ordering). It's cheap and handy for most hardware applications.

Doots - Antwoord

Congrats on your repair and get some red tape its awesome and comes in handy for these kind of repairs.

gillrios - Antwoord

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