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Logic board replacement

keith rhodes -

iPod 5th Generation (Video)

iPod 5th Generation (Video) Logic Board Replacement

iPod 5th Generation (Video) Logic Board Replacement

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While attempting to install a solid state drive in my iPod I broke of the delicate connector for the power cable even though I was extremely careful. ( In my humble opinion this clamp is a poor design and Apple is remiss in not replacing it with a better one). This clamp cannot be replaced except by buying another logic board, which I did.

I replaced the board and carefully reassembled the iPod. When I turned it on, however, the screen lit up but remained blank. (No Apple icon, or menu. The iPod is not recognized by iTunes i.e. no iPod icon appears.

The machine cannot shake hands with iTunes on a MacBook.

I have tried holding down the menu and select buttons for 6 seconds and nothing happens except the screen comes on once I take my fingers off. The same with holding down the menu and stop/go buttons also with holding down the select and stop/go buttons.

The battery is new and charged and is working. I can hear the hard drive switch on and off. The screen lights up so all pieces are working.

Can someone please advise me what might be amiss ?

I suspect that the hard drive needs to have the operating system flashed. I have a MacBook with iTunes. Don't have a Windows machine. Is anyone able to tell me how to do this please?

Thank you,

Keith Rhodes

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The repair went smoothly but the iPod doesn't work yet.

Mijn advies

How to flash the operating system onto the iPod using a MacBook ?

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