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Boston Terrier Chewed the Corners

Robert Hudson de Tarnowsky -

iPad Air Wi-Fi

iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

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A Boston Terrier decided to chew the case that the iPad Air was in and crushed the screen at the corners and sent cracks across the face. The LCD was fine and the iPad still worked.

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The hardest part by far was getting the front glass off because there was no place to put the suction cup that would keep a seal and pull on the glass uniformly. The cracks across the glass caused it to bend where they ran. I used a heat gun on low because I needed a long sustained low heat to slowly work down the edge. I had to take whatever glass off where I could so that I could to get access to lifting the corners. Once the glass was off, the steps were much easier, but don't rush. Manage glass shards, dust and fingerprints and be careful of thin cable tapes. The result is awesome.

Mijn advies

When you reassemble, don't take the steps casually to get finished. You may forget a step and once the new display is on, there's no going back. The tweezers and driver set were very valuable. It would have been good to include a little brush for getting pieces out of nooks and crannies.

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