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iPad Air 1st Generation Front Panel Replacement

Will Kim -

iPad Air Wi-Fi

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iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

1 - 2 uren


Mijn probleem

My iPad Air's Front Panel glass was completely shattered - there were lots of 'glass dusts' which were created due to the shattered panel so I had to wrap the device with the clear vinyl for emergency measures.

Luckily the LCD was not damaged, and the touch was working, but I seriously needed a repair.

Mijn oplossing

The repair process was relatively easy (except the part where you have to take the screen off).

Taking out the broken panel was very tedious and rigorous (I recommend you to have a lot of time spent on it) and the adhesive won't let the screen come off that easily.

I used the ifixit's iOpener kit and that helped alot.

After taking those out, the replacement process was easy - just follow the instruction and you will have it.

Mijn advies

Taking the original (broken) panel is the most difficult and most time consuming part of the repairing process. Take your time fully to get every single piece of glasses off the device.

If you happen to have glass dusts on LCD, do not panic, I used a hair dryer to get the dusts off and used tissues and one of the those handkercheifs that I got with the glasses from eye stores. (They are very effective especially removing the smudges from your hands if you accidently happen to make one).

Just take your time removing the dust and don't push the tissue or the handkercheif hard - swipe them smoothly multiple times until you are satisfied.

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