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iPad Mini 2 Retina Display

Brian Wolfcale -

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi LCD Replacement

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi LCD Replacement

30 minuten - 3 uren


Mijn probleem

Original problem was that glass on the front of the iPad broke.

Mijn oplossing

The repair on the screen went very well until attempting to remove the LCD. The bottom of the LCD was very difficult to remove during the first disassembly. While gently pulling up on the top of the LCD, the bottom was stuck, causing to much pressure on the lower left hand corner of the LCD. during reassembly I tested the screen and LCD with the iPad still "open", which was when I realized the LCD was ruined. At this point I almost decided to cut my losses and buy a new iPad.... But I delayed. After a few months I finally decided to spring for the LCD, which went in super easy. Now my iPad works great.

Mijn advies

Be more than careful with the LCD. In fact, I would recommend peeling off the sticky tabs/tape at the bottom of the LCD with a razor before attempting to remove the LCD.

In hind sight I probably wouldn't have paid ~$170 to refurb my iPad mini 2... But one repair led to another... Oh well. At least it works now! As always iFixit provided high quality parts and provides excellent tutorials.

iPad mini 2/3 LCD Afbeelding
iPad mini 2/3 LCD


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