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Things to check before re-installing glass

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iPad 4 CDMA

iPad 4 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

iPad 4 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

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Mijn probleem

I hit three additional problems when replacing the glass.

1) The iPad had been dropped a few times, and it turned out the top of the case was slightly bent - this kept the glass from fitting well in a previous repair.

2) The drops had also dented the corners, making the glass not fit quite right.

3) When I first installed the new glass panel, the top center bulged up.

Mijn oplossing

1) To fix the bent case: With the LCD and glass out of the iPad, I put the pad on the edge of a table, and slightly bent the case so the top edge was flat.

2) To fix the dents in the corners: I used a fine file to get rid of metal that would have been above the level of the glass, and used a piece of metal to push out places where the case's metal got too close to where the glass would be.

3) The bulge was caused by the camera bracket on the back of the glass - it had two bumps that fit into similar spaces in the camera; if the bumps were in the wrong place, the glass wouldn't fit. On my second try, I ended up fitting the glass in at the top first, making sure that the camera mount fit correctly.

Mijn advies

  • With the LCD and digitizer removed, check the metal case for damage and fix anything that might keep the glass from fitting well.
  • Double-stick tape from the art supply store (such as Letraset high-tack double sided tape) can be used to hold the glass or the plastic bezel in place.
  • Start installing the glass from the top, and make sure that the camera boss fits correctly before pushing the glass fully into place.
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