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When Punches can't solve your life problems, Fix it!

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Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III Front Panel Assembly Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S III Front Panel Assembly Replacement

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Mijn probleem

On a typical Friday, the thing that you'd never expect and don't want it to happen just sort of did happen to me: in a rush, my cellphone fell from my pant's pocket face flat on the ground from a rather meager height. I was relieved my screen didn't crack but I cracked when I realized the LCD was dead.

That meant that all the important information I had on my cellphone for a trip was out of reach just meager HOURS from me starting it.

Out of my exasperation, I punched the damned thing... and realized punches aren't exactly the best kind of medicine to fix a broken phone.

Mijn oplossing

So I got my kit (really fast! I didn't expect it that fast!) and started Operation Revival ! While I've fixed and built my computers since I was a kid, fixing small devices can be quite a challenge, specially when said device have mini screws, mini cables and anything can slip away. Luckly, the screwdriver had magnets (how do they work?) and the easy to follow instructions on the website guided me on which order I should have gone exactly.

I was just about to finish when suddenly I was stuck on the last screw (the one that holds the front camera onto the motherboard) . I was disheartened! My screwdriver had failed me!

According to my father, the tip had already been barren and as much as I tried (carefully so I didn't damage the screw) I just couldn't take it off. In the end I went to a shop where they helped me unscrew it... and finish the disassemble and re-assemble it back again.

They charged me 20 bucks to do this but, hey! Would I had gone without the replacement part they would have charged me 200 bucks for the whole thing! So thank you iFix it for saving me quite the money on this!

And now, I have phone back, with a lovely blue rim that a love.

Mijn advies

CHECK THE SCREWDRIVER. It seems that there is another version for the screwdriver (I think it's in the pro package and it costs 8 bucks on it's own) if you really don't want to dish even one cent at another person's shop. I'm not angry with the one I have (and it works fine with the rest of the screws so it could have been that last one was -very- stuck or barren on it's own).

It's best to have the best for the best results.

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