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moto x battery replacement

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iOpener Instructions

iOpener Instructions

30 seconden


Mijn probleem

battery failing after more than a yr of use

Mijn oplossing

slow and moderately difficult due entirely to motorola's efforts at stymieing your ability to change out the battery. why not just throw it out and buy another?

Mijn advies

first, the paper clip as removal tool for the sim card did not fit my hole. had to rummage thru spouse's needle collection for the right fit.

two, the plastic opening tools where less effective than a few guitar picks. leaving some in place as you undo the back helps prevent it from trying to reseal itself. also minimizes cracks in the back.

three, special care needs to b made around the buttons due to the proximity of the button cable. loosening the back before and after is the safest way to proceed. I tore my on the volume side. no biggie as the set volume is fine for me and if I wanted to I guess I could replace it for about $7.

copious amounts of glue and tape and glue at the battery make for a lot of consternation. slow and steady. plenty of iopener use.

four, hope for a good replacement battery. got mine at factoryoutletstore for 31.61 all in. it showed 0 charge at start but within 3 hrs was almost fully charged and has restored my cell to its original state.wish replacement parts and tools were cheaper.

five, have joined your lobbying effort to get manufacturers on board with owner repairs, etc. good effort!

my tools arrived within a week. good job.

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