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A Truck Killed My Phone..but did it...?

markmarts -

iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

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So...there I was..just bein'stoopid, and left my iPhone on top of my car while doing other very important things. Drove away, as people do, and it fell off about 200 yards away,on a fairly busy street. I realized I didn't have it within minutes, but failed to remember the car roof thing, and

thought I left it in the gym , where I had just been increasing my stoopid apparently...a half hour search and rampant intrusion into the lives of anyone I saw would yield nothing...so on to work and a computer to the "Find my iPhone" app..( so wonderful an app..do use it !!!) and it found it where I previously stated...sent my on spring break son to find it..(why do we have kids? Exactly..) While dodging various cars to get it, he witnessed a Semi (fer Gawd's sake!) run over it..found the

phone and case separated by 20 ft and the front was shattered..as one would expect...when I got home that night, amazingly, it was still functioning although I could not make a call or anything really as I value the skin on my fingers.

SO...on to AT&T where they told me there was insurance on my son's phone...not mine...why? Who knows... Iphone 6..lookin good!!!...yes..but

they wanted to "give" me one for a mere $32 a month for the rest of my life (well..) OR $399 now and a new 2 year contract where I would lose a $25 discount and be stuck with them again..forever...(well..)

So....I am notoriously cheap and said "I'm gonna fix it myself" to the sly smiling babe who was sort of helping me... She said, "Hmm...I dunno sir..)

I asked her out for coffee anyway...no luck.(another story)

Enter iFixit.com... TaDa!!

I'll be quick with this other small bit of stoopid...

#1... Online ordered the front assembly for iPhone 5s..(I happen to own an iPhone 5...)

#2.. Have it shipped next day air ($19)

#3.. It arrives,...at somebody else's house as I supplied the wrong address!

#4..Call the company and tell them...very nice guy BTW...he sends me a return authorization,if it shows up!..AND..pays for the replacement Next Day Air shipping!!! Unbelievable!!

#5..It arrives at my place (yea)..I follow the guide and take the destroyed faceplate off after taping it with packing tape so the suction

cup will work..and I find, to top off an obviously stoopid week...that I have ordered the wrong part..5s instead of 5 as I'm sure you remember...

#6..This isn't very quick is it..? Anyway..I call again..very nice guy again..sends me another Return auth...

#7..The correct part arrives the next day...

Mijn oplossing

The repair went really well..the guide was great and it told me to tape it so the glass wouldn't go everywhere..had a little trouble getting it off

as it was so badly shattered the suction cup couldn't get a grip..but as in everything, persistence is key!

The rest was just being careful and not stoopid..not easy for me apparently..but it worked and when I put it all together again..Glory Be...everything was functional...and I was HAPPY!..Like a room without a roof..

Mijn advies

Advice??..from me?? I don't think so, in light of all told before..! The best advice

is to just do it! Really..if I can ..YOU can! Having a magnifying light

as I do will really help...

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer afbeelding
iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer


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