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iPhone 5 front display replacement

Trekboy72 -

iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

40 minuten - 1 uur


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One of my users dropped her phone and cracked the screen and upon finding out what the Apple Store charged for it, came to me for assistance. Having just completed a previous repair I was up for the challenge of the front display replacement.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went much better than I had expected. As mentioned, having just completed a previous repair of a rear panel, I was interested in taking on the challenge of replacing the front display screen.

First thing was to review the excellent repair guides here on iFixit and then order the necessary parts and tools I needed to get the job done.

After having the user back up her phone I scheduled about 2 hours to complete the work. I prepared my work area utilizing the magnetic mat to help me keep things organized during the tear down of the phone. This was more helpful than I imagined it would be. I recommend getting one to anyone that is interested in trying a repair.

After carefully using the suction cup to lift the screen I used the plastic tool to pry open the case being mindful not to force it too much. Once I got the screen released I worked on detaching the connectors from the base. This proved to be a bit more challenging as the glue was quite stubborn. Advice online mentioned using a hairdryer to loosen the glue, but as I didn't have one, I used good old fashioned patience and perseverance. Eventually I was able to release the connectors without damaging it and there was enough glue left for later reattachment.

Next was releasing the brackets so I could get at the camera and microphone assemblies and home button. Once that was released the work progressed much more quickly. Removing the LCD from the main screen was straightforward and before you knew it the damaged screen was off and I was able to start reassembly of the phone.

Mijn advies

My best advice for anyone attempting this project is to get the right tools, invest in the magnetic mat and I would also use a magnifying lamp to provide more light and magnification for us older chaps who have a little trouble seeing all those tiny screws. Overall this was a fun challenge and I have the confidence to attempt more repairs going forward.

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