Master the Multimeter Basics

People often tell us they don’t repair because they’re scared they don’t have the right skills for the job. Of course, a little confidence helps a lot—and repair instructions are great to have. But for new fixers, some basic skill instruction can go a long way towards making repairs (or your wildest dreams) happen.

multimeterIf you want to start mastering the basics, look no further than our ongoing YouTube series on repair skills. In our most recent installment, iFixit’s resident tinkerer—Gwendolyn Gay—teaches you how to use a multimeter, which has a million uses for testing electronics and circuits (seriously, keep one in your work bag at all times). Here’s Gwendolyn’s multimeter 101 lesson—which goes over testing continuity, voltage, and resistance:

Once you feel confident with a multimeter, check out our other basic skills tutorials:

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Gwendolyn is always looking for new things to teach the community—so if there’s a repair skill you want to learn about, drop us a comment below!