All Hail the Master of Bike Repair

In our ongoing YouTube series Fixers in Focus, our video team profiles very cool, local-to-us repair experts in different fields. In the past, we’ve talked to computer techs, parts experts, and even guitar repair masters. This time, we chatted with Chris Mathis, the lead mechanic for Luna’s pro women mountain bike team.

Bike repair with the Luna pro women bike team

Chris has been fixing bikes for almost 15 years. It’s his job to make sure that team bikes can stand up to a serious beating on the trail. And it seems like he’s doing a pretty good job at it, because the Luna pro team is the longest running, most successful team in the history of mountain biking—men or women.

And he’s not just fixing flats. These high-performance, pro racing bikes are finely calibrated and come equipped with electronics—which adds a decidedly high-tech element to their maintenance and repair.

Check out Chris’s workshop and learn about this repair master:

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