Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Well, the Fifth of November isn’t just for the rebels anymore. This British holiday has been adopted by activistshacktivists, and ordinary joes who want to remind the government that it serves the people—not itself. It’s a rallying cry for the underdog. A reminder that if we stand together, there is no force in the world powerful enough to push us back down.

This 5th of November, iFixit is teaming up with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to empower technology users (AKA everyone) to take their digital stuff back from government interlopers and corporate money mongers.

What are we reclaiming? Common sense and fair use. iFixit is fighting for your right to repair your stuff. And the EFF is fighting to protect your right to use that stuff without the NSA—or anyone else—peeking over your shoulder.

If you’re not familiar with the EFF, they’re the do-gooders who protect your online free speech, digital privacy, and fair use. They even give report cards for internet companies, so you know who has your back.

“EFF’s mission is to protect your digital freedom, including your right to repair and tinker. But the freedom to tinker doesn’t mean much if you can’t exercise it, and that’s where iFixit comes in. iFixit knows that if you can’t fix it, you don’t own it. We are proud to work together as guardians of fair use and common sense,” said Corynne McSherry, IP Director, EFF.

pro tech toolkit for the Fifth of November

This 5th of November, we’re holding a fundraiser for the EFF. Support the EFF to keep the internet free and open, and get the tools to keep your hardware working. Now through Friday, purchase a Pro Tech Toolkit for $59.95 and $10 of your purchase will go directly to the EFF. They’re even throwing in some stickers.

So, this 5th of November, pause V for Vendetta and put down those fireworks—there’s work to be done.