Apple Time Capsule (Mini!) Teardown

I went to town on an AirPort Time Capsule — by myself — as a means of not making the other tech writers suffer any more than they have to. They’ve been working hard on yet another teardown; in the meantime, check out my AirPort Time Capsule (mini!) teardown.

Apple AirPort Time Capsule teardown

Here’s the details:

* Hey, it has a standard 3.5″ Seagate Barracuda SATA drive!

* Time Capsule repairability score: 8 out of 10, same as the Extreme. Nothing new here, since it’s basically the same device from a repairability standpoint.

* This is the port that the Time Capsule has, that the Extreme doesn’t:

Apple AirPort Time Capsule port

This port allows the Time Capsule to have a hard drive plugged into it. Folks asked us if it’s feasible to make an Extreme into a Time Capsule. Theoretically the answer is “Yes,” but we’re not sure why you’d go through the trouble — the Seagate Barracuda drive is essentially the price difference between the Time Capsule and the Extreme.

Check out the full (mini) teardown for more info.

Quick update: The Time Capsule will easily accept a 4TB 3.5″ hard drive in place of its lowly 2TB original drive. The Seagate was used to take this screenshot, but the HGST drive should work fine as well.

Airport Time Capsule disc on the Mac