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This is an extremely complex repair, with limited guidance, to replace the cover glass of the iPhone 6s Plus display. If you are looking for a simpler guide, follow the official iFixit iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement guide instead.


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    • In this video you will learn how to replace the glass in your Apple iPhone 6+ smartphone. To make it as it should be done watch the recording carefully.

    Its hard because this guy isn’t very explanatory and its hard to see different steps. The video is ok

    jerodancira - Antwoord

    Thanks for the advice, I’m trying to get better and explain more in my new recordings. Thanks for watching and good luckc with the repairs!

    Alex Sander -

    does the glass already have the OCA on it? Is the laminator under a vacuum?

    Vince Anderson - Antwoord

    In this tutorial there isn’t OCA under it, but I also prepared new guide where OCA is already on the screen, you can find it here: iPhone 6 original apple Glass / Screen Replacement new 2018 method

    Alex Sander - Antwoord

    This is a terrible video because we see his arm more than the repair itself. Please remove this video and have one of your experts do it.

    David York - Antwoord

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Alex Sander

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I think the YouTube video that shows how to do it with dry ice is better than this video.

Matthew Elvey - Antwoord

How much is it at ifix in oneonta wall-mart charge to replace an iphone 6 plus screen

megan walley - Antwoord

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