Here is a Sony TV that turned on and off every few seconds. To remedy this, replace the lamp. This is straight forward and only requires a small Allen wrench. As with all work on all electric or electronic equipment, make sure that it is unplugged first.



  1. Thumb screw location
    • Thumb screw location

    • Remove the left thumb screw

    • Remove the right thumb screw

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  2. With both thumb screws removed, the front bezel can now be easily pulled off. It is only held in place by three magnets.
    • With both thumb screws removed, the front bezel can now be easily pulled off. It is only held in place by three magnets.

    • With the bezel out of the way, there will be a small cover held in place by a crossbar and a thumb screw. Loosen the thumb screw and fold the bar out of the way.

    • The back of the lamp housing is now visible.

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    • Loosen the 3mm Allen bolt. It will not come out of the lamp housing, but will loosen it to remove the lamp housing from the TV.

    • With the Allen bolt loose, pull the lamp houing slightly back and down,

    • this will remove the lamp in its housing.

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    • Here is the old lamp and housing.

    • For the replacement, a complete lamp and housing was chosen. The lamp is individually available. There was not a big difference in cost, to justify the additional steps of replacing the lamp housing.

    • Install the new lamp and housing

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    • Result of this $32 repair is a bright fully functioning TV

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where did you purchase this bulb for $32?

Wendy Watson - Antwoord

Mine worked 4 3 hours then stayed off.

Love machine Guaranteed -

I ordered a replacement housing with new bulb in it and with shipping it was 35. Ordered it thru Sears online and they sent it out next day air. It took five min to swap out

Joker - Antwoord

Thanks a lot. You saved me money

Alexander Ritchie - Antwoord

THANK YOU! Helped me save so much money! I did it all by myself!

aliciabball - Antwoord

looking for a bulb...where is the best price

kenneth thurman - Antwoord

I had too pay a hundred bucks at bestbuy bad idea I could have done some more research and would have spent a lot less! Oh well it’s done now money’s gone. This had awsome and very easy instructions it was great thanks

Cami - Antwoord

Thank you SOOO much! Hubby has been sayin for almost 2 years that he’d fix it when the tv started glitching. Well he didn’t, and I got tired of looking at this huge eyesore in the living room. So, I figured I’ll do it my dang self…he’s sitting here quiet, as he sees how simple and cheap this repair is. So annoyed with the repairing procrastinating he does all the time. Love him, but he hates fixing stuff :) Thanks again!!

Antoinette Noelien - Antwoord

Antoinette Noelien glad this guide worked for you and that you got your TV back.

oldturkey03 -

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