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Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement

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  1. Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement, Pry it open: stap 1, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Wedge spudgers and picks between the acrylic and the metal/plastic bottom.

    • Please note: the metal bottom is not needed to be removed.

  2. Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement, Separate the two halves: stap 2, afbeelding 1 van 2 Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement, Separate the two halves: stap 2, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Use a pry tool or spudger to unlatch four plastic clips around the perimeter of the inner compartment

  3. Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement, Remove the Upper Casing: stap 3, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Open the battery compartment carefully. A ribbon cable connects the two halves.

  4. Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement, Disconnect the Ribbon Cable: stap 4, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Remove the two Torx T5 screws holding the metal cowling over the cable connector.

    • Disconnect the cable from the board and set the top half of the mouse aside.

  5. Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement: stap 5, afbeelding 1 van 2 Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement: stap 5, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • If you have an iFixit battery kit with liquid adhesive remover, it's time to get it prepped.

    • iFixit adhesive remover contains acetone, a mild skin and eye irritant.

    • Wear eye protection when handling and applying the adhesive remover. (Eye protection is included in your kit.)

    • Do not wear contact lenses without eye protection.

    • Protective gloves are also included in your kit. If you are concerned about skin irritation, put your gloves on now.

  6. Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement: stap 6, afbeelding 1 van 3 Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement: stap 6, afbeelding 2 van 3 Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement: stap 6, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Pull off the black rubber stopper from your bottle of adhesive remover.

    • Twist to loosen or remove the bottle cap before you cut the applicator tip.

    • This unseals the bottle and allows the pressure to equalize before you cut the applicator tip. If you skip this step, the adhesive remover may spray out unexpectedly when the tip is cut.

    • Use scissors to cut off the sealed tip of the applicator.

    • Cutting close to the narrow tip will give you better control so you can apply the adhesive remover in small amounts.

    • Twist and close the bottle cap securely before you proceed further.

    • Apply a 2 drops of adhesive remover evenly.

    • You don't need to use very much. The small bottle contains more than 4x the amount of solvent needed to remove the battery.

    • Wait 2-3 minutes for the liquid adhesive remover to penetrate underneath the battery.

  7. Magic Mouse 2 Battery Replacement, Wedge the battery out: stap 8, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Exercise extra caution here. Lithium ion batteries can be dangerous if punctured or bent.

    • Just like the rest of the mouse, the battery is held in entirely by glue. Judicious applications of isopropyl alcohol and Adhesive Remove or more heat from underneath may be necessary to free it.

    • Get a spudger under the battery and pry it up off the glue.

    • Pull the charging port out of place.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I may be wrong because I don’t own this device, but from what I’ve read from other tutorials, it does not look like it’s necessary to do steps 1 and 2. The tutorials I’ve read just split the mouse in 2 without messing with the bottom of the mouse. Doing so means they don’t need to worry about damaging the bottom or working with the adhesive.

ComputerWhiz - Antwoord

I have fixed it!
Thanks for the note!

Ben Capehart -

Die Anleitung ist leider sehr unvollständig.

Nachdem das Maus Kabel und das Batterie Kabel entfernt wurde, ALLE Schrauben entfernen (4er und 5er Torx), die Platine, den Schalter und die Metall Spange demontieren. Den Ladestecker abschrauben, Achtung! darunter befindet sich eine Metallhülse / Führung für den Ladestecker, gleich mit entfernen.

Jetzt darf nur noch die Batterie zu sehen sein.... Ab in den Backofen und auf 50 Grad Celsius erwärmen, das reicht aus, um die Batterie ohne Schaden am Gehäuse zu entfernen. Die Klebestreifen befinden sich links und rechts auf den langen Seiten. Diese im warmen Zustand sofort ablösen und auf die neue Batterie kleben.

Beim Zusammenbau darauf achten, die etwas längeren Schrauben gehören zum Schalter! Die Stecker vorsichtig ohne Gewalt einstecken, wenn alles richtig ist, gehen sie ganz leicht herein.

So, ich hoffe das ich nichts vergessen habe, Viel Glück

Michael Fischer - Antwoord


Unfortunately, the instructions are very incomplete.

After the mouse cable and the battery cable have been removed, remove ALL screws (4 and 5 Torx), dismantle the board, switch and metal clasps. Unscrew the charging plug, attention! Below it is a metal sleeve / guide for the charging plug, immediately remove it.

Now only the battery can be seen.... Put it in the oven and heat it up to 50 degrees Celsius, that's enough to remove the battery without damaging the housing. The adhesive strips are located on the left and right on the long sides. Remove them immediately when warm and stick them to the new battery.

When assembling, make sure that the slightly longer screws belong to the switch! Gently plug in the plugs without force, if everything is correct, they go in very easily.

So, I hope I haven't forgotten anything, good luck

Ben Capehart -

Thank you very much! This is absolutely correct.

F Johnson -

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