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  1. 将PS4翻转使底面朝上。
    • 将PS4翻转使底面朝上。

  2. 撕开机器背面的四个标贴。 撕掉这些标贴将失去索尼官方保修。
    • 撕开机器背面的四个标贴。

    • 撕掉这些标贴将失去索尼官方保修。

  3. 卸下背部三颗9mm内凸梅花螺丝。
    • 卸下背部三颗9mm内凸梅花螺丝。

  4. 向上抬起前侧的部分,然后向后滑动以卸下底板。
    • 向上抬起前侧的部分,然后向后滑动以卸下底板。

  5. 卸下三颗9mm T9梅花螺丝。
    • 卸下三颗9mm T9梅花螺丝。

    • 卸下两颗4cm 飞利浦头 #1螺丝。

  6. 向上笔直地抬起电源供应组件。
    • 向上笔直地抬起电源供应组件。

  7. 拔下电源供应至主板的5线插头。 现在可以完全卸下电源供应组件。
    • 拔下电源供应至主板的5线插头。

    • 现在可以完全卸下电源供应组件。



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Gonna do this tomorrow, I'm just hoping this is what's wrong with it.

A few months ago something popped in the system and I smelt a burning scent.

Diamond - Antwoord

Bro,did it work for you?

I have same problem

EL cablemo -

Just be careful when pulling up power supply on the left side facing you when Ps4 is upside-down.

jerrylaird3000 - Antwoord

Just received my tools and power supply for my ps4 and I replaced it just like the guidelines said but nothing happens but the same issues. Heard a beep, blue light came on, heard a click then back off again. Please tell me I didn't just wasted $70?

rahmanglaspy - Antwoord

And have you resolve your problem ?

Frederic Morelli -

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