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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Not functioning correctly after water damage

i accidently dropped my 3DS in water. the power was on while underwater. i immediatly took it out of the water and then it automatically turned off. when i dried it off and turned it back on the top screen was completly black. after about 2 hours i turned it back on and the top screen was back on but there are now many other problems such as: circle pad moving by itself forcing all movements to go to the left

notifications light is staying lit green

A and X button not always responding.

does anyone know what i should do?? PLEASSEE HEELLP!!!!

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As with all devices that have been submerged in water, the best thing you can do is disassemble the device and clean all of the contacts with a cotton swab and a high concentration alcohol (>90% concentration). You can access most of the internals pretty easily by removing the lower case.

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^ thanks now I can try to fix mine :3


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