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24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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Hello Everybody,

I'm new here and I try to do my best with my english.

My ACD 24" Don't work. It will be not detected from my MPB 15, but ISight speaker USB all sims to work. Just I get no Picture. I measure the Voltage and I see follow:

TP 81 and TP 12 have no Voltage when the Display internal cable ist plugged.

Can be a bade Fuse the reason? Do you know where can I find the Fuse?

Thanks a lot in Advance!

Best Regards,


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The problem could be on the computer side, especially if you are using adaptors to get the signal to the monitor. Try a different monitor using the same cabling. If a different monitor works then review these Answers to a similar problem.

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