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Repair guides for various chargers that plug into a vehicle's cigarette lighter receptacle.

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Micro-usb car charger doesn't charge cellphone

I have an unbranded car charger (not verizon's, but similar to this

If I plug it to my cigarette lighter, the LED light turn on. However, it can't charge my cellphone. I use my USB-to-MicroUSB cable and plug it to the extra USB port, and it failed too... I use the cable everyday to charge it (plug to wall charger), so I'm sure it's not the cable problem.

I used my multimeter to test the voltage across the USB cable (red and black wire), and it registered 5V. I can't get the actual amperage because my multimeter can only go up to 250mA, and when I tested it, the reading was over the scale.

Anybody know what's wrong and hw to fix it?

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Do you have any other device you could try to plug into the adapter. There is a possiblity that the wiring is different, not necessarily faulty, for the charging circuit.


Yes I tried 2 different phones and 2 different cables, they both didn't work. However they *do* charge using other chargers (both wall and other car chargers)


Okay, so it stands to reason that your adapter is at fault. Any chance you can open it up and see what you got inside?


Check out the documentation that came with the device if you can find it, or what the markings on it says what the the supply amperage is. It needs to be marked to be sold here in the states. If not you'll need to get a new one. Without a meter that can measure the expected amperage it makes no sense opening it up.


How did you measure the amperage?


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Get a car charger that somebody will admit to making.

If they won't put their name on it - and let you look up

it's specs on the web, then I have a strong need to

not have the device.

They can be found cheaper, but it looks like this.

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not really the answer to my troubleshooting/fixing question... but anyway i'm giving up with this junk... i might need to throw it away and buy a "branded" one as you suggested... thx


Please try to go settings open the developer options and look for select USB configuration press it set to charging only. Hoping it will help. Thanks.


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The problem is in the charger. You check voltage - 5V - OK. But this is not enough. I don't know what is your cell phone but you need min. DC - 0,6A. For this reason search car-charger for iPhone or for iPad. The iPad needs 2,0A for correct charging. And this charger you can use for smaller (with small consumption) cell phone.


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