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No chance to install 10.7.4 on SSD?


This is my first MB and all my attemps to make a fresh installation on a SSD failed yet.

I can not buy&download Lion 10.7.4 from the Mac Appstore because it just says, "This version of Mac OS X 10.7 can not be installed on this machine" (translated from german)

So I decided to download a retail DVD. But I've only found Lion 10.7.0.

Burned it to DVD -> get no entry sign on booting.

Use a USB Stick (USB30, Transcend JetFlash 700 16GB) -> also the no entry sign

So, what can I do now?

Just read that older Mac OS versions can never be installed on a machine which was delivered with a newer OS.. (Run Snow Leopard on new MacBook Pro) but I can't even buy 10.7.4 from the Store so what now? -_______-

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Sorry to say you need to install 10.7.4 as the newer hardware requires it.

You don't need any additional OS software to get this working. The newer Macs have a hidden partition with the recovery files to either restore your HD or install other disks with the OS.

Not sure I fully understand your process you used in prepping the SSD. Here's the steps you need to do.

First you need to install the SSD into an external case connecting to your system via USB or Firewire (better).

With your working HD still in your system and you have applied all of the OS updates from Apple to your system. Run the OS install program make sure to select the external drive at that point you should be all set getting the OS onto the SSD. Before swapping out your drives switch which drive to boot from and make sure it's the one booting. At that point swap out the drives.

Two things to remember your now running from a SSD that does not have a hidden partition so you must not loose or alter your system HD as you would not have any way to recover the OS if you do.

You might want to create a bootable CD or flash drive with the OS and recovery files on it before you remove the HD from your system just to give your self a second option (you never know!). Apple has a utility to copy over the needed files from the hidden partition. Again, make sure your created CD or flash drive works (boots & can install the OS onto a CD or flash drive).

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Thank you for your answer! I think the problem was, that i forgot to format my External SSD to the MacOS filesystem. I installed 10.8 GM via USB Stick and that worked fine. And I also have a working Recovery Partition (10.8) on the SSD.


Can you tell me, if there is any difference whether I have the SSD in the Caddy or the HDD? On my old Dell XPS15 the Caddy was just SATAII and not SATAIII.


Happy to here you got things working, 10.8 GM Wow! You got connections! Still waiting for my copy ;-{ - Your USB is big enough to have a hidden partition? You don't really need to have the hidden partition you can have the files in the same partition (visible). - Sorry to say the CD/DVD I/O is SATA-1. Best to move the HD to it and use the HD I/O for the SSD to get the best performance. Don't forget to bump the score if this helped.


This is the benchmark in Windows with SSD in the Caddy. I will bench again in the HDD I/O when I'm at home tomorrow or so..


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