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The M2 is Apple's second iteration of their System on a Chip for Mac, featuring integrated GPU, CPU, RAM, and other components for improved performance and efficiency. The base M2 in the Mac mini has an 8-core CPU with four high-efficiency cores, four high-performance cores, and an integrated GPU with 10 cores.

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Can the Mac Mini M2 be upgraded?

I recently acquired a Mac Mini with the M2 chip. Its the standard base configuration which is not bad for my environment, but I would like to know before I crack it open if the memory is soldered on the motherboard and is the SSD soldered as well. I know some of the later models on their laptops and some imacs/desktops have the ram and SSD soldered on the board. I was just curious if that was the case with the Mac Mini M2.

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Sadly, none of the M series systems are internally upgradable either RAM or Storage as both are soldered in. While there are a few techs with the chops to swap out the Flash chips, there is more to it than simply popping new ones on as they need to be programmed first.

Here’s the Mac Mini M2 Teardown so you can see for your self.

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