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Announced on October 16, 2014, identifiable by the model number A1347 and EMC 2840.

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Replacement fan stops dead then revs up to max rpm, rinse, repeat

The original fan in this Mac Mini Late 2014 had a buzzing noise develop so I ordered a used Mac mini fan from ifixit, installed using the very clear instructions on the site (I love ifixit!), replacing the thermal paste in the process. The replacement fan worked fine for a while but in the last few weeks it has intermittently stopped spinning, reached ‘0’ rpm, then revvs up to max rpm, back to ‘0’, up to max rpm, then settles to the auto-set speed or the manually set speed.

The zero-to-max rpm cycle can repeat 2-4 times. This phenomenon is increasing in frequency. I’ve been monitoring the internal temps and fan speed via Macs Fan and I’ve seen high temps when this occurs, it’s possible that I’m not seeing all instances of the problem and just notice the fan is off when I hear it revv up. Today I shut down and reset the NVRAM and SCM and the problem started again about an hour after restart. Only app open was Chrome to stream a radio station.

What might be happening?

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This sounds like the tach within the fan is failing, time for an another fan. I do recommend installing a good thermal monitoring app like TG Pro it allows you to log the output so you can graph things out! Maybe a sensor is struggling and the fan is just the symptom.

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thanks Dan. I ran the Apple hardware diagnostic but there were no codes, would a bad sensor throw a code?


@tedszcz - Sometimes we forget the world isn’t just digital it is still very analog! In the digital realm On & Off are the only states, in the analog we have many shades of grey! When measuring a temp or power we are in the analog space which is converted into a digital state. The onboard diags are limited here which is why we need something a bit more focused like TG PRO. As the graphing will help see the condition and maybe able to aim us.


Thanks again Dan, got TG Pro, it tells me the exhaust fan may have a problem, as you suspected. Great tool!


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